86,249 words… I had no idea I could write this much, this fast.   I changed my ending, so I’ve had to do a bit more re-writing than I thought I would, and it’s been pretty taxing.   I still have to do at least two read-throughs now that I am satisfied with the story well enough to start reading it all over again and formally begin my edits.  This is where I got stumped last time… but the difference then and now, is that my story was drowning in the voice of my main character and I didn’t want to start it all over again.  That’s because I knew something was fundamentally wrong.   Not anymore.

My gracious teenage daughter has already told me that she will lend me some of her friends when I am ready to have a group of test readers, and teenage girls are my audience, so I consider myself lucky to be able to experiment on them…(watch out girls, and you know who you are)  I am very happy with my story, though I no doubt have some plot holes to fill… that’s the easy part.  The hard part is just getting it out of you.  You can’t over think, you have to just trust yourself and write.  The hardest part about writing, is getting started.  The hard part is over.

Let the editing begin.