About Me

I am a mother of four in the great state of Texas and I am hopelessly devoted to my family.   I tried to abandon a 20-year-old professional career in the mortgage banking industry to pursue my literary dream…but that profession won’t let me go.     

That said, I recently completed my first fiction novel, and am now in the process of a massive edit because I lacked faith in that final product, so there is significant uncertainty when and if it will ever be ready for print.  When I procrastinate, I blog about my life experiences and try to pass on helpful information to other kindred souls… and anyone else that might find it interesting.

My expertise is limited to the real estate and mortgage industries…and, the most rewarding of course, being a Mom.  I do have meaningful things to say however, and hope to one day be proud of my literary accomplishments.  For now, I write.

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