Sometimes I wonder why I think I need to write.  My head gets so full of ideas, to-do lists and what-nots that if I do not purge my poor brain somewhere, it feels like it will explode.  I’ve taken to the journal as of late (even though most of what comes out of me is pure nonsense… I know in the end, it’s not) and it seems that each time I do that, it brings me back to my work in progress.  I wish I could lock myself away to pour my heart and soul into it, if only for a week.  But having four kids, 3 dogs, a cat, a mortgage and a full-time job makes it more than difficult to find the time.  I did have an epiphany about my first chapter and the prologue I’ve been working on, but it just hasn’t been enough to keep me focused. 

The holidays did what they always do, and that’s put me a fierce funk while trying to cope with the stress that the season brings.  I need a way out and back to my craft, but I just can’t figure it out.  I did decide to take control of my health after watching a very inspirational documentary entitled, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead… it motivated me to go buy a juicer and try to take control of my expanding waist line.  And I did.  Being down 15 lbs feels great, and I still juice twice a day while eating a sensible dinner.  Five pounds found its way back on to me during the holidays (another reason I don’t like them), but after a week of the trusty juicer, they’re gone.  I’m feeling in control of my body for the first time in a very long while.  Why isn’t that enough?

I’ve hidden from the blog simply not knowing what to say.  And for the first time possibly ever, not having anything to say.  I hope this is over soon…and if you have any ideas for inspiration, I’m all ears.  Pay it forward and help a kindred soul?


One Response to “FUNK – BE GONE”

  1. Zed Says:

    Just think–holiday season is 11 months away! Woo hoo! You’re doing great. Just keep walking’. Nice to hear you have a few starter-ideas to get things moving.

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