There is no cure for a year in the mortgage business……

I have a Texas sized headache.  It’s not a headache that can be cured with meds, or your modality of choice.  The only cure for my headache, was resignation.  I went back to work last year, literally abandoning normalcy, to close mortgage loans and try to be a career mom.  15 pounds and 68 gray hairs later, I’ve quit…. I just can’t do it anymore.  It started out with me trying to work part-time from home – but that turned into me injecting the stress of the back end of the mortgage industry directly into my house.  I’ve got a lot of apologizing and making up to do if I’m going to counter any of the resentment billowing through these four walls.  I’ve been fortunate enough to read a few novels while abandoning my own and they’ve at least kept the romance of creativity within reach (that or my mind is playing a cruel trick on me… either way, I suppose it doesn’t matter everything is an illusion these days). Now it’s time to start de-cluttering from being absent for the past 12 months and get some order in this house.  The new School Year is right around the corner and the babies are still under my full-time care.  The play/class room needs some order, the excess clothes downsized, broken toys thrown out/recycled,  and some sort of schedule put in place so that when I say this domicile is organized chaos… I won’t by lying.


2 Responses to “There is no cure for a year in the mortgage business……”

  1. Zed Says:

    I’m sure the relief is unanimous. There are lots of years between now and maternal ‘freedom’…relish every minute. As always, it will fly.

  2. jbhill Says:

    i love you Zed…. i truly hope you know that. You make me feel good.

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