So THIS is what grown ups do?

On December 10, 2010 – butterflies filled my stomach as my husband and I ventured into the Hill Country.  A true “adults only” weekend  with the love of my life.  I could not, and still cannot, believe how beautiful the drive was.  I took out the directions to the log cabin we rented and navigated my husband perfectly through the thick smell of cedar.  As we approached our destination through the winding narrow street, my heart pounded with excitement.  Finally, we were there… a jewel box in the middle of nowhere.

The cabin was no more than 400 square feet, and we were immediately infatuated with its charm.  The wooden floors creaked beneath us as we tiptoed respectfully from room to room.  We fit nicely on the oversized furniture.   On the leather ottoman, I found a spiral journal that had been placed there with purpose.  As I paged through the entries, I was taking in the experiences of those that stayed before me.


I took so many beautiful sunset pictures.... this one is the dreamiest, so after much consideration, it was chosen for this post.

There were recommendations for dining, shopping and leisure activities.  I was so grateful that other travelers had taken the time to record their experiences.  That night, after a gorgeous sunset, we hit the Brookshire Brothers and stocked the tiny fridge with breakfast staples and a couple of juicy steaks that we had plans to grill the following night.  We went to dinner at the Cypress Creek Cafe, and I was pleasantly surprised at the eclectic menu.  My husband got comfort food (chicken fried chicken) and I got a Neptune burger with sweet potato fries.  The burger was a righteous 8 ounce mahi steak with an interesting creole sauce.  I loved it.

We spent the evening in the hot tub under a blanket of stars.  It was absolutely divine.

This picture does not do this massive piece of wood justice. Yes, that is a full grown tree behind it.









The following day, we traveled about 12 miles west to Driftwood Vineyards and quickly became aware that the name was aptly suited to the environment.   We went into their tasting room and sampled 5 different wines for $10 and we got a souvenir wine glass.  We bought the Lone Star Cab to go with our steaks, then stood near a rock wall and took in the sensational view.  I felt warm inside from the wine and found the place to be just what my soul needed.  After about an hour, we headed into town.

View from the Vineyard


The shopping in Wimberley is not for the weak stomached.  There are literally shops upon shops upon shops.  Every corner you round, you find more shops.  I got an early Christmas present, and we ate fried pickles and drank cold beer at Ino’z Brew and Chew.  Definitely recommend the place if you’re ever in the area.

Later that evening we shared a technology-absent evening with our steaks and wine, then wrapped in each other’s arms the way we did 10 years ago in a bed all to ourselves (we jokingly call our bed, the family bed…it fits two toddlers, two 40 year olds, and an 8 year old rather nicely).  I considered it a late Anniversary present, since that day seemed to uneventfully come and go.   I did find creative inspiration everywhere I looked, and am glad that I took the camera along to capture it.  Sometimes I wish I could just put it in a bottle and spray it around the room when I’m finding myself incapable of positivity or creativity.  In my experience, you have to have one in order to have the other.


4 Responses to “So THIS is what grown ups do?”

  1. Zed Says:

    So glad to hear the details of your much-anticipated romantic getaway! These kinds of experiences really DO inspire creativity and positivity, long after the moment has passed. If you read this over when that ‘stuck’ feeling is hard to shake, it has the power to tickle the brain cells of recognition and get your juices flowing. That is, after all, the beauty of the written word, for which you have great talent.
    It also drives home another point: remembering this weekend, observing the beauty that arises when you place your attention on it is also the perfect vaccine for the eventual empty-nest-syndrome.

  2. JB Hill Says:

    I sure miss you my friend. The climate of late leaves much to be desired.

  3. Jacqui Says:

    What beautiful pictures. I think it’s been too long since my husband and I slipped away. I really have to fix that.

  4. JB Hill Says:

    Thanks Jacqui…. it was a splendid time and we really enjoyed ourselves.

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