Plain Worn Out

Man.  I’m tired.

Today, I counted the days from the last time my husband and I had a day off together… sadly, this took me all the way back to the end of May.  He works the weekends, so wherever we do end up on the weekends, it’s always after work.  His “weekends” are Thursday and Friday while I’m working like other folks.  He also works on the major holidays that normal citizens have off… Memorial Day.  Fourth of July.  Labor Day.  He will be off on Thanksgiving though, and I’m hoping I’ll get the Friday after off, giving us two whole days together.  With family of course, but that’s what Thanksgiving is all about and I can’t wait to spend two whole days grazing in front of a turkey watching football.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the time we use to spend exclusively before our professional and domestic lives took over minds and bodies, though.  Today, I decided to fix that.

On December 10th, we’ll be getting away all by ourselves for two whole nights.  Two whole nights of a bed all to ourselves and two whole nights of adult conversation without picking up after anyone or waiting on anyone.  I decided to journal The Road Trip, and hopefully chronicle a few of them if we can decide that it’s worth it to do so (you know the answer to that…hopefully we do too).   Since I also dabble in photography, perhaps the muse in me will muster together enough creativity to actually write something thoughtful about the trip while managing to visually capture it at the same time?


3 Responses to “Plain Worn Out”

  1. Ollin Says:

    That’s great that you are a photographer and a writer. Pictures are so inspiring to me as a writer. Well, enjoy your time off. 🙂

    • JB Hill Says:

      Thanks for the comment! My first house had an upstairs bathroom with no windows that I turned into a dedicated dark room. I only had two children then, which made my extracurricular time there feasible.

      I’ve graduated to digital imagery these days… but know exactly what you mean about their inspiration, especially writing fiction. I often find myself in the middle of a story looking for a voice.

  2. Zed Says:

    Fabulous news about the upcoming getaway! I’m betting that’s enough to get the writing muse awakened. Have a glorious time.

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