To Write or Not To Write….that is the question

Either I will make time for it, despite life’s trying curve balls, or I will not.  I’m having trouble balancing the tasks involved with being a career mom and janitor caregiver, while still finding time for the only thing that makes me feel really, really good.  I watched my daughter fall into another Young Adult series (after being ineligible for band after failing geometry at the 6 weeks mark… she’s got a test Friday to determine if she’ll pass the 9 week grading period) and she’s passed them on to me – and I’m finding them to be just what I need in order to see that with the right story, and the right voice, you can capture readers and involve them in the lives of your characters in the very same way you’ve become attached to them yourself.  This time, it’s Lauren Kate’s Fallen series.  She has tuned in to teenagers very, very well.  Her simplistic, yet descriptive writing is very easy to read and you become very easily wrapped up in her story.  My only complaints, were that I had a hard time picturing some of her characters because I didn’t think they had been fully developed.  Perhaps this unveils more in her books in the series yet to be published, I guess we’ll see.  All in all, it was a nice escape from my daily grind… and it’s actually stirred up something inside so for that, I give thanks.  My mind is far away from work at the moment, as I steal a few moments to post this blog entry and I can’t seem to stop thinking about my failed attempt at my novel.  Or has it failed?  I only sent one query… I guess the answer to that is no.  It’s just not done, and it needed to rest.

This leads me to believe that the reason I felt my novel was drowning, was certainly not because of my story… it was because of my voice.  It was because my characters needed further development.  It was because I could not find a suitable writing “place” in my (now) chaotic life and develop my craft for both professional and creative reasons. 

And now?  I’m disappointed.  So what’s it to be, to write, or not to write?  I say write.  I bought a nice hard covered journal and a fantastic gel pen set (perhaps writing in different colors may also spark a furor of creative energy too?) to strip it down to the basics again (I often perform very well with just paper and pen… all that’s missing is a candlestick instead of electricity).  Since I’ve already written my manuscript and it’s been stored away electronically on a flash drive just waiting for me, I say that now is the time to begin again.  It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me.


One Response to “To Write or Not To Write….that is the question”

  1. Zed Says:

    I bet Nina Simone has gaps in her creative drive. Seasons wax and wane, and so do we.

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