It made me smile….

I described my epiphany that spurred the rewrite of my novel almost 6 months ago.  Once I came to the realization that my book needed to be written from another perspective, and that my story was trapped inside the mind of my main character, I was lazy to get started with it again.  My mind was excited, because I felt like I had been sitting in a dark basement and someone finally turned on a light.  It was like I could finally see the plot holes in my story filling up with literary genius once I was allowed to see what was happening from another point of view.  But with this “excitement”, there was also dread… because I knew how hard I had labored to get where I was, and I was not ready to roll up my sleeves and start the process all over again.  But now, I’m thinking that is just part of the editing process.

The laptop that I was using to write had some issues after being dropped, and then the monitor went out leaving me with my trusty journal and a bic pen.  I busted out my nifty passport  and stored everything of relevance onto it for future use, whenever that might be.  I’ve been carrying it around in my purse waiting for the day I’d become interested again.  Today was the day.  I plugged it in to the USB drive on my work computer, and there it was.  Named and renamed, separated by chapters… and even the graphics my daughter had drawn of my main characters.  I read the first page and I actually smiled.  I’m seeing my story a little differently, and immediately started editing again, and wanting to edit… and just actually reading the manuscript for what it is.  Maybe the winds of change are blowing in more ways than one?  Time to get the laptop fixed… or maybe just get a new one?  A netbook, something?


2 Responses to “It made me smile….”

  1. Zed Says:

    So there really is no limit on creativity, just timing. Guess it proves that ‘creativity’ isn’t necessarily the point of getting a project into concrete form–everything has a gestation period, right? And seasons never start on the same day as last year.
    Glad you found your muse. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  2. JB Hill Says:

    Nope… guess not. I also have learned that my production is also about accessibility. If you make your creativity difficult to reach, it will get lost. I guess carrying it around on a portable hard drive makes it less accessible, therefore, out of sight… out of mind. Where I find difficulty, is balancing structure and creativity. Or maybe that’s all in my head?

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