Eternal Thoughts of the Spotless Mind

I am wrapped up in life lately, and it’s been a fairly distorting experience.  I’ve managed to stay away (for the most part) from toxic internet venues, but now and then, I slip.  I’m human.  It’s hard for me to understand why some people feel the way they do, and oftentimes I give them more credit than they deserve.  Most of the time, I’m not skeptical enough of their motives.  Then when I’m too skeptical, I look in the mirror and see a tin foil hat upon my head… there’s no winning – so why bother?

So, while having extra money and putting food on the table is no doubt gratifying…I feel empty.  I’ve done well at work and being the co-dependent personality that I am, I often function better when I make others happy.  While that may carry some level of nobility, I always manage to find some sort of self loathing in everything I do.  So I decided that some bona-fide thought experiments were in order.  The results were deafening – if I chose to listen.  I miss my book.  I miss my characters.  I miss writing.  Will I ever finish what I started?


2 Responses to “Eternal Thoughts of the Spotless Mind”

  1. Zed Says:

    I think ‘spotted thoughts of an eternal mind’ is more accurate.

    There is no limit to creative energy.

    Love. Light.

    • JB Hill Says:

      Maybe so…

      Sometimes my thoughts are crystal clear… but when something happens that makes me question them, I find myself right back the black hole of misdirection.

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