What’s in a name?

My mood has been a bit strange these last few days.  I’m not sure why I felt compelled, but I thought I’d offer an explanation for why I’m writing under a pen name.  Two notable reasons stick out to me:  a) I’m finally to a point that I don’t really care about putting myself out into the cyber world anymore (there’s no privacy anyway, I’m kidding myself to believe otherwise).  Might as well stick yourself out there and join the fray, who cares what name you do it under…   and b)  after I finished my novel, and started looking into self-promotion, I realized that I’d need to get a web presence regardless.  I’ve put it off for a while, but finally took the plunge and reunited with WordPress.  Then came the name of my website… and my name in general.  The only problem with my married name (which is Polish), is that it never gets pronounced correctly.  Ever.  And if I want to be a published author, it helps if people can pronounce my name.  My first name is gender neutral, and I do like it, I just thought that the initials to my first and middle name would be easier to remember.  That’s the first part…

The second part has to do with my ancestry (more on that in a post to come).  I grew up in the 70s and lived in some pretty small Texas towns as a baby, and my biological father was a calf roper (still is).  My Mother would continue to search for her soul mate, and would marry twice more.   She’s now been married to my step-dad for 30 years, and I’m glad she didn’t settle until she found her perfect match.  Hill is the name I was born with, so just because it’s a pen name doesn’t mean it’s a fictitious name.

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