I LOVE WordPress… let me count the ways

Courtesy of Eric Stoller's blog (www.ericstoller.com)

I’m no stranger to WordPress, and my first experience with blogging here a while back was a good one.  The content I blogged about was controversial though, and after getting burned out, sadly I abandoned that writing passion altogether.  Having left my professional life in the dust (and controversial topics with it) now dedicated to pursuing life as a writer, I knew I would need a platform upon which to build a web presence, and naturally I turned to my old friend.

Just like the first time around, it was extremely easy to get started and I was given a multitude of options.  By previous comparison, WordPress has a lot more features than I  remember it having:  the widgets have improved (really making it easy to customize your weblog), media is easier to insert, and I especially like the ease of domain mapping, which combined with a simple domain name registration at Godaddy (and a few simple changes to the DNS nameservers) – viola!  Then you can change your main address from the WordPress address, to your domain name, and now you have a customized web address.  It’s the coolest!

After you’ve constructed your blog post, you can choose to have the entry proofread (which I highly recommend) to catch some editorial faux pas before publishing your material for the world to see.   All told, I’m very happy with my new set up and I am grateful to WordPress for making it so easy for me to write.  Now I have absolutely no excuses.


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