Music Review: Debussy

Listening to music is a staple in my life, especially when writing.  I have a preference for the piano and find it especially helpful when dealing with writer’s block.   One of my favorites, is Debussy, with Clair de Lune and many other wonderful pieces.  There are several songs on this track that help me with parts of the story that are suspenseful, and a couple that help me with the more tender and romantic qualities.  While lyrical songs can also aid in dealing with writer’s block, I’m usually not able to actually write while those kinds of songs are heard in the background, where I have no problems tapping away with Debussy.   For me, it’s a must have… so check out the above link and sample some of it to see if you agree with me.

Speaking of that link, I’m also a huge fan of Amazon’s MP3 downloader, which works with both iTunes and Media Player.   The costs are more than competitive, and I’ve found the library to be pretty significant as well.  Maybe I just love Amazon… whatever the case, I’m really glad that I have decided to digitize my library of music since getting my new Motorola Rokr cell phone last year.  It’s an awesome MP3 player with tons of memory and is super easy to sync up with media player and create playlists.   So I’m now in the process of going through 500 CDs and storing it all in my media player library.  Obviously, this is a wee bit time consuming, but since I’m such a huge fan of organizational tasks I’m finding that it’s helping me enormously.  It’s either that, or the talking to myself about my novel while I’m doing it, that in turn results in a bunch of scribbling in my journal.  Whatever it is, it’s working.


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