Rearranging the Furniture

Yesterday was a rough day.  It was filled with some awesome highs, as my youngest conquered the potty, and some lows where I felt like I had the flu.  A strange bug entered my house and caused an uproar in my GI tract.  Suffice to say, it was the worst day to start potty training.  But I’m glad I sucked it up, because we’re doing very well today.  That said, I’ve been doing some exercises to get my neurons firing, and one of them has been to work on the blog and my website (more on that later).  I’m looking at these exercises as those to get my inspiration up and going again while letting my novel rest a little bit after having edited front to back twice now, and deciding to change the narrative voice just a few days ago.

That being said, I’ll probably be adding some resources around here since I’ve chosen a layout that affords more creativity.   I’ve submitted another article for publication and am hoping to build up some publishing credibility, we’ll see how that comes along.

Happy writing.


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