Back to the Blogosphere

I have returned to the blogosphere from a one year hiatus.  I had previously chosen to write about a controversial topic that sucked the life right out of me.  I saved the old posts, but deleted the weblog because I am ready to leave that discussion behind.  So, I set aside my stubbornness (and insane need to constantly peruse scientific journals) and decided to write some fiction.  89,000 words of fiction to be exact.  I’ve found that the creative person inside of me needs more than my novel though (and it goes without saying I’m happy not to be documenting everything I say), and I’ve decided to exercise my writing muscles while I am trying to get published.  Besides, I find that I have so many thoughts in my head, if I don’t express them or write them down, they make me slowly lose my mind – and after dedicating so much time to the book, I needed an outlet to actually talk about it.   My online hobbies (and sadistic tendency to debate people, knowing full well we’d never agree) needed an overhaul, and I’m happy to report that I am clean and haven’t returned to my previously juvenile behavior.  Instead, I have put together a business plan for the next five years and made some real goals.

I’m the first to admit, that it feels good to stop hiding… sometimes that’s what happens to writers.  They get in a funk and spend at least a month (sometimes longer) finding it nearly impossible to write anything.   Sometimes life takes you to a mental place that makes it impossible to be positive.  But then something happens that brings you a little bit of clarity…and you’re grateful.

And then you write.


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